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    Paper, because Creativityneeds a medium

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Paper. In the past, it was the most potent binder – one that had helped shrink the world by helping the spread of knowledge. In the future, it will be the biggest argument for sustainability, refurbishing the fight against ecological degradation. Paper is indeed the bridge between the past and the future – a bridge over ignorance and apathy. And Sona Papers, is more than an entity, it is an entity that facilitates this movement to eternity.

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In this post-plastic era, paper is regaining its popularity because of its obvious advantages. Eco-friendly, Sustainable and environmentally safe, paper is now the chosen material for a variety of applications that include among others Brochures and Catalogues, Calendars, Coffee Table Books and Annual Reports. It also finds wide acceptance as a primary packaging material like in Hand Bags, Luxury packaging. Paper is also the most preferred when it comes to advertising and point of sale eyeball grabbers like hang tags, posters, leaflets and the like while in the office stationery items, files and folders are still overwhelmingly made of paper. As for Wedding Cards ..we rest our case!


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Sona is synonymous with paper. Plain. Simple in our elegance; a canvas for artists to give vent to their creativity.

Paper: Artelibris Bianco GSM: 120
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