“ Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself.” - Henry Ward Beecher

SONA Commercial LLC deals in fine / specialty paper, 100% recycled paper and paper boards. We have exclusive collaboration with world’s leading paper mills and having sole right of marketing and trading of some of the premium brands in fine paper & recycled papers

In the few months since its existence, SONA Commercial LLC has made a name in the market because of its premium quality products and competitive pricing.

The company is young and exuberant and always strives to achieve customer satisfaction by offering the best quality products. The company though young, is guided by the best management team and a group of highly experienced consultants with years of experience behind them.

Our clients use paper as a means to turn their vision into a tangible piece of art. Their needs can range from serious communication objectives to exclusive, creative expressions. We, at SONA recognize all these aspects of our clients’ interests. And with decades of enviable experience, we provide unmatched technical assistance, advice on stock performance, printed examples that demonstrate innovative techniques, paper samples and even mock ups. Every aspect of the process is chalked down till the end and not even a fraction is left to chance and error.

Business Philosophy
Sona Commercial LLC strongly believe in meeting the customer satisfaction through innovative product range, fair & friendly business practice and high level of industry set standards and compliance issues.